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Reach For the Stars

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Hi All!

In the midst of my crazy school life and boat loads of homework this week, I was thinking about my dreams and future plans. I tend to be a negative nancy when it comes to achieving goals so I needed to change the way I looked at things this year. I decided that I wanted something that would get my goals down on paper to hold me accountable. That is when I found Lara Casey's Powersheets. I was so intrigued that I ordered them right away and sprinted to the mailbox everyday to see if they had arrived. Well, when they finally came I could not have been more impressed. The beautiful, clean, crisp paper, with black and gold writing suited me very well (have you seen my blog, ha). It only got better from there, a total of six months of amazing planning sheets to kick start the year in achieving my goals now filled my binder. It took awhile to fill them out at first but once I dedicated time to start achieving my goals it became so easy. Lara did an amazing job at creating the sheets so they fit anyone and everyone. Most of all, when I fill them out I get so excited and motivated by the power of my dreams. Now, it may seem silly to have to write things down to be able to achieve your goals but I am a very visual person and like to have everything where I can see it. Along with that, these sheets hold me accountable. If one month I do poorly in studying or slack in some other area, those sheets will let me know which means I need to work harder. If any of you are finding that you have HUGE dreams but have no where to start these sheets are a great place way to get started. 

Note: Binder not included

I really wanted to share with you all what keeps me on track with my future goals. After all, the MCAT exam will not take itself and Medical School will not let me sneak under the door so I was desperate to find something that would keep me motivated and excited, and these sheets do just that!

All opinions in this post are my own. 


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