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T Minus 2 Days

11:29:00 PM

Hello fellow blog readers!

It is finally hump day and I can't tell you how excited I am. If you're anything like me the middle of the week means we are that much closer to fabulous friday. I am currently looking at my biochemistry homework but decided that was no fun so I thought I would jot down a post! We are only two days away from Valentine's Day and I am sure most of you have your gifts or valentines for your lovers, but I got to thinking…what are good date options for this coming heart day? I have compiled a list of fun, relaxing things to do with your lovers:

For My Fellow Readers in The Central Region of the U.S (its freezing here)

1. Dinner Date (Obviously)
 2. Movie Date: Either at home or out to the movies pick one you will both enjoy!

3. Ice Skating

4. Jazz Bar: Enjoy good music and good wine:)

For Those of You In Warmer States…

5. Day at the Beach: If its warm enough to be outside, head to the beach with a frisbee and have some laughs!

6. Picnic: You can do this inside or outside, if inside get creative with fun lights and and comfy blankets and pillows on the floor for a good snuggle sesh after the meal!

For Us All

7. Game Night: If you don't have a lover or you like to hang out in groups a game night would be tons of fun. Get some chips and guacamole and let the games begin!

8. Star Gazing: I mean cuddling in someone's arms under the beautiful stars, can't get much better than that right? 

9. Skype-Date: For the long distance couples (like me), make some time in your schedule for a Skype date. 
10. Dancing: Ok this is Valentine's Day, the one day of the year where your man has to do something romantic…take him dancing! Whether it's a club or dance lessons you both will have laughs and a good time.

These are just a few things that I thought would be fun if I were able to go on a date (Skype and Chinese take out is on my list). Side note, if you don't have a lover get together with girlfriends or stay in by yourself and watch sappy chick-flicks and eat junk food. My friends and I always had the best time on Valentines Day eating the chocolate that was left over in the store and watching an abundance of romantic comedies on tv. Wherever you are and whomever your with just remember to have a good time…it isn't just a day about having a loved one, it is a day of feeling all the love in the world and giving your love back. 


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