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The Fabulous Friday Five

8:51:00 AM

Hey Sweets!

As many of you know, I am a new blogger. I am constantly looking for new ideas and things to blog about.  Something fun I wanted to try was inspired by one of my favorite blogs Hi Sugarplum and its called the Friday five. Every Friday I'm going to throw you five mind-blowing things. Well, maybe not mind-blowing but I am certainly going to try:)

1. Happy!

Ok, you need to listen to this song Happy by Pharell. I am sure you have heard it on the radio before but it seriously has the power to make you happy. I love starting my day off simply being "happy." Directions: Press play, sing, dance, and enjoy the minions.

2.  BaubleBar's New Spring Jewelry Collection

I think accessorizing an outfit is the best part. If you work in a strict workplace environment when it comes to fashion, accessorizing is one way to amp up your outfit and your style. What are some of your favorite jewels this spring?

3. Russell & Hazel Smartdate System

Get yours here!
You have seen my post before about my mini smart date system and I cannot rant and rave enough. Just the thought of being organized puts me on cloud nine…creepy right? Nope, just an uncontrollable obsession. 

4. Ranunculus 

Ok, so I came across these when a someone posted a picture on Instagram and I about died. These are the coolest flowers I have ever seen! The name is even better…ranunculus. Anyway, I thought these flowers were so bright, cheerful, and gorgeous. Boyfriend: if you are reading this, send some ranunculus please:)

5. Yesterday was Grey's Day…hold for excitement.

I don't know about you but I am huge Grey's Anatomy fan. However, I have been the worst fan. I am still not caught up on last season but yesterday Grey's started again and I am so excited. As an aspiring doctor I love the excitement and drama the show brings, sometimes it can be a bit much but their heart is in the right place:) 

Thanks to you all who are reading and will continue to read! This week of blogging has been an absolute blast, stay tuned until Monday…have a good weekend:)

Happy Friday!!!

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