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Visions of a Coffee Table

3:43:00 PM

Hi Sweets!

Happy President's Day to all those in the U.S. I am purely enjoying my day off of school and work. I should actually be doing homework and getting ahead on apartment chores…but no. I was thinking about what to post today and I kept having visions of gold, glitter, and sparkles oh my! I am one of those girls that is constantly dreaming and envisioning new things. I find inspiration from all my favorite blogs that I read daily, and from books, and designers. I would ideally love to re-do my apartment and update things, however this living paycheck to paycheck is definetely not allowing me to do that. So, I figured I would re-do little things one at a time. First I was on the hunt for the perfect coffee table accessories, the perfect coffee table will have to wait. I found a gold tray at Target over the holiday season that was so marked down they were practically giving it away! Target also had small jewelry/accessory boxes that made me so giddy, I waited till they went on sale and found a cute ivory and gold striped one.

I was also on the hunt for the perfect coffee table books, I have a couple that I like to switch out but my favorite is Domino: The Book of Design, you can find it here

My favorite candles I keep around the apartment are Voluspa, I love the crisp champagne. This tray is still a work in progress, I want to add a small vase with flowers and more trinkets, but I think I need to find the right coffee table first, any suggestions?


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