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11:33:00 PM

Welcome to Tay Meets World!

I am so excited about this blog, I always loved the blog world and I decided it was time that I join. I think it is only right to tell you a little about myself, for starters I am a senior in college, I graduate in May, YAY! I am majoring in Chemistry with an intent to attend medical school; let's keep our fingers crossed. I live here in the frigid state of South Dakota but I do love winter. Although I have a science side to me, I absolutely love creativity. Everything from glitter, bright colors, fashion, and decorating. If I had it my way I would've been related to Kate Spade, haha! 

I hope to make this blog a place where you all can come for fun ideas, inspiration, words of encouragement, and stories about my science-creative mind.  To the side you will see a list of blogs that I absolutely adore, it is my morning ritual to take a quick peak and see what's new, it gets me going for the day. Remember that I am a newbie blogger so it will take me some time to get the hang of things but I appreciate any input and encouragement.

Have a Wonderful Weekend!

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