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Manic Monday

11:29:00 AM

Hey All!

Ok, I am just going to lay it all out there, I am on the struggle bus today. My week off for spring break was a total tease and I did not accomplish anything…anything at all. I am in my last semester of school as some of you know and my senioritis has kicked in with full force. I am literally pulling my own hair to try and make myself study…it is that bad. I decided I needed to dig deep and find all the things that motivate me and bring my mood level up. And please, if any of you have suggestions about how to finish this semester I am all ears!

The first is a paper insert I received at church, it's called Living Free and it goes like this.

This may seem silly, but it actually really works for me. If I am upset you can bet I turn on my music and sing and dance…all by myself. It's embarrassing but it works, you should try it.

The second thing are some little hints of motivation I have around my apartment…here is a sneak peek.

I am realizing that as I get older, the little things are starting to mean more to me. I have a small inspiration board in my office nook that houses motivational quotes, bright colors, and Lara Casey's inspirational cards. Life would be so easy if it was easy…but it's not. I need to go catch up on homework, until next time:)


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