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The Friday Five

8:25:00 AM

Happy Friday All!

Whoop whoop it's Friday and I cannot be more excited! After today I am officially on spring break…which consists of studying, blogging, and working but no classes so thats A-OK with me. Let's take a look at the Friday Five shall we?

1. Catching Fire is Released on DVD TODAY!!

I don't know if you have read the books or simply seen the movies, but this movie is in my top five all time favorite movies because it is just that good.

2. Valentino Rockstud Collection

Ok, this entire collection has got me drooling…just look at that Italian leather molded to perfection. The collection is available at Nordstrom's and too budget-heavy for this blogger; a girl can dream right?

3. BKR Water Bottles

SHOP by Monika has these amazing water bottles…I have to admit I am kind of a water bottle hoarder. No, I don't have a ton, but I just love water bottles and this one comes in a color to match every outfit…what's not to love?

4. Lovestar

This is a Lovestar. It is a heart...that holds flowers...and hangs on a wall. I am obsessed; who cannot love all this glitter on one heart-shaped vase? On top of that, they have peonies in the vase which are my favorite. Lovestar has many other styles but this is one of my fav's. Go check it out!

5. The Beach

I am taking you back to my trip to Mexico in December in hopes that it will bring you joy and hope that spring will hurry up! Since I am not traveling anywhere for Spring Break, this is what I will have to look at daily so I don't cry because of the snow still on the ground here in South Dakota. 

Have a good weekend blog friends:)


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