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The Friday Four

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Hey Friends,

I hope you had an enjoyable week. You probably asked yourself where is the "five" to the Friday Five? Well, this week turned out to be more of a "four" kind of week than a "five" so I am just going with it.

1. These penguins trying to go over the rope. You don't need to watch the whole thing, a minute will suffice…either way it is hilarious!

2. The fact that I wore sweatpants to every class this week. I am not joking; I really enjoy looking nice and presentable but this week called for sweats. I read an article once that interviewed Heidi Klum and she noted that one way she stay(ed) sexy and nice looking (word choice) for Seal was by throwing away all of her sweats. This forced her to wear her "cute" clothes…maybe I should take a lesson from Heidi and give this a try, not until school is over though;)
Some favorites:

3. Carrie Bradshaw's Shoe Collection

This is a print that lists the many shoes of Carrie Bradshaw. Pop Chart Lab is selling this print for a very reasonable price and I think it is too cute to pass up. This is one of those prints that you hang in your glamorous closet next to your Manolo's and Chanel handbags…am I right? 

4. The Long-Distance Relationship
I wrote a post awhile back about Surviving Your LDR. Sometimes I need constant reminders that our relationship is worthwhile and that eventually we won't have to be long distance. It can be very hard and emotionally trying but the good parts of our relationship make up for all of that. 

Walk where your heart leads and you will reach where you truly belong.
-Apoorve Dubey


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