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Transition Time

9:51:00 AM

Hi Sweets,

How many of you stare into your closets everyday and think "I have nothing to wear?" Yea, I do that too. Well, over spring break I really dug around in my closet (and my mom's) to see what outfits I could put together. This is such a hard time of year because we are transitioning from winter to spring; polar opposite seasons that have very little in common. Dressing for this time can be challenging, I either go all out for spring or stick to my winter attire. After doing a lot of research I think I have a much better idea on how to dress for these in-between weeks. Let's take a looksy shall we?

Light Sweater SimilarSimilar // Jeans // Shoes (See Below)

This look is very simple, an oversized, lightweight sweater, skinny jeans, and floral pumps for that pop of spring. The shoes I am wearing I've had for years so I listed some similar styles below.

1 // 2 // 3 // 4

I think shoes are the greatest accessory. They are what makes the outfit above go from winter to spring. What is your favorite accessory you cannot live without??


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