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Hi Sweets!

I hope the start of the week is treating you right. It was so nice here yesterday in South Dakota we took full advantage and roamed around downtown to soak it all in.
I'm bringing you a workwear outfit today. I know many people in the health profession and other professions that have to dress very conservatively to work (i.e only black and grey). I decided to keep this look very simple because I wanted to focus on the details of the clothes. Let's take a look.

Shirt (similar, another one that is fun) // Skirt (Similar) // Shoes 

One way to sneak in some fun attire for work is in the suit and shirt you wear. First, I think it is important for the ladies to own at least one skirt they can wear to work. Skirts are feminine and fun to style and if you carry yourself a certain way they can say confident & classy. Above the skirt is a tuxedo skirt with a thin blue strip going down the sides, and the shirt has animal print cuffs…just fun little touches to add more oomf. To add more to this outfit I would add a bright necklace, you could add a jacket to complete the suit, and even wear pantyhose. I think it is important to incorporate your style when you go to work and unfortunately there are a lot of professions where you must keep it conservative…if I had it my way I would be wearing a hot pink pencil skirt and a polka dot shirt ;). What do you wear to work? Please share!!

P.S The modeling is very sub-par in these pictures so please forgive me…ha!


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