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10 Overtly Honest Realities About Being A College Student

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Hey Friends!

How was your weekend? Mine was jam-packed full of homework and working on presentations, but I am so ready to get this week started.
Here is the reality. We all wished when we were in middle school that we could just be in high school with the cool kids. And don't get me started on high school. This chicken patty eating, Hollister wearing girl wished so bad to be in college like all those other cool kids. Reality check. I take it all back. College is not all it's cracked up to be. I just wish I could be like those cool adults who have houses and puppies and make a lot of money. (I am sure I will be taking that back someday as well.)

Why couldn't I have been prepared more? I legit feel like I am still being thrown into these classes with a paper bag over my head that won't come off. Most of my professor's say things like, "Remember in Chemistry 105…we looked at…." I'm thinking to myself, Chem 105, did I even take that class? Well if I did I certainly didn't take it with this guy because I would have remembered that belly showing all through class; and especially the way it rubs the chalk off the chalk-board. No, I definitely didn't take that class…o wait, haha, I had to take it because it's a prerequisite for this class (wait, every class is essentially a prerequisite). Ok, so I now know I took that class. I don't remember anything from it. Shoot. O crap,  I just wasted 10 minutes thinking about this, ugh what did the professor just say?

You get the picture. There are so many other things I wish I would have known and as a senior in my last semester I'm still learning these harsh realities.

1. In high school you look at so many pictures of dorm rooms and apartments that college students live in, but little do you realize that these are just ploys and made-up sets to get you to go to that particular college and think it actually looks that glamorous. We can't all have the dorm rooms that come out of Pottery Barn Teen.


 Reality (via)

2. There are so many unlimited resources once you get to college, yay! From internet to the magical place filled with books, the options are endless. However, professors are CLEARLY unaware these things exist because they make you spend hundreds of dollars on one book that you will use only one semester. Fun? I think not. 

She looks happy right? This will only last a week. Once the reality of all the essays and assignments, along with reading every page in each of those books sets in, that smile will be gone. 

3. You have no idea what you are doing…still. Even after three years of school, you are following the crowds of people and trying really hard to comprehend your professor who is teaching English…but has a very strong European accent. #Awesomesauce.

4. Unpaid internships are the best kind. "Why sure CEO of this large company, I will definitely work for you for FREE; all while gaining excellent experience and a learning work ethic." 

Girl pleeeese, I wanna get paid! 


5. The thought of Ramen by year two makes you nauseous. The thought of Ramen by year four is you simply trying to stay alive. 4 for 1 dollar people…it DOES NOT get better than this.

6. You realize that all the fun stuff that happens in college is always around the time you have three exams, five essays, and two lab reports due. I mean, really? Did you really just give me a 50 page reading assignment? I mean I "guess" I will do it, but only because you are not my mom so technically I can't give you attitude. And we have a quiz on Monday, worth 100 points. Yes, I will be reading this book.
Eventually you will realize that although those games and parties were SO FUN, failing and having to re-take a class is not…so forget the fun stuff and study instead.


7. Once you are out of the dorms you will likely live with some roommates or solo in a house or apartment. You will get to buy furniture and decorate, that is the fun part. The not-so-cool part is realizing that the floor where you are standing, yes that exact 4x4 living room is $600 a month.

This means you will have to get a job, unless your parents or guardians are totes awesome and pay for it. If they won't, indeed.com is a great place to start looking.

8. If you get up and actually put on decent clothes, you should win an award. The reality of 8 a.m classes, tons of homework, work, and attempting to look no so zombie-ish, sweatpants will be your best friend. The least you can do for yourself is stock up on yoga pants and baggy sweatpants to get you through this nightmare. Don't worry, most school's students don't judge, they are probably wearing them too. 

Buy yours here!

9. This is supposed to be the best time of your life. They all said it was going to be. The fact of the matter is: you are stressed 24/7, you get 5 hours of sleep (on a good day), your hair is probably falling out because you have vitamin deficiencies (you aren't eating properly…I saw those extra large bag of cheetos in your trash can…you cannot hide from this), you have worn the same clothes over at least 10 times, and you are broke. (That 0.20 cents I have in my account right now is keeping it open so I am technically not broke.)

10. The fact of the matter is…college is the best time of your life. You meet new people, test out your freedom and independence, learn new life experiences, and make a shit ton of mistakes. At the end of the day you are the person you became/become in college. You lived life and learned a lot about yourself. Enjoy this time, but more importantly enjoy the time you are in now. Embrace everyone and everything you have around you, because life goes by faster than you can imagine.


Make Today a Good Day

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