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10 Overtly Honest Realities About Graduating College

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Hello lovelies, I must start out by saying I'm sorry I was absent last week…my immune system shuts down during very important and stressful weeks and the flu took over! I also want to apologize in advance, I may be absent these next couple of weeks as I finish up school and graduate! I hope you are all enjoying this insanely beautiful weather, I'm obsessed.

OK, so the reality of graduating has set in for me and I'm freaking out, along with the other thousands of seniors. I have realized I am now a big girl. I have to put on my big girl panties, buy a briefcase, and suck it up…I am officially going into the real world. I technically I have some schooling ahead of me and attend medical school (fingers crossed) but in any sorts…I am all grown up. This is a terrifying transition and there are many realities that you (and I) must learn. 

1. Since we are grown up now we get to live in a grown up house. Otherwise known as a really cheap apartment, or mom and dad's house.

2. Our life will be picture perfect, we will wake up early, work out, make coffee, and casually head to work…on time;)

3.  We get to look professional and classy everyday…little do the rest of our coworkers know we are wearing the same pants 3 weeks in a row because these are the only dressy pants we own because we have spent all our money on dry shampoo because our crappy apartment doesn't get hot water. 

4. All of those fancy hair appointments we go to now…yea we will probably not be able to afford them for awhile so we will color our hair from that fancy box you get from Walgreens. That will go well.

5.  Let us not forget all the student loans that you will have to payback. You and I both better get to work.

6. This probably should have been number one, but it is good to probably get a job before all of the realities above sink in. That girl or guy next to you in the elevator on your way to your interview…they're applying too. Take Them Down.

7. This is a great time in your life to enjoy new experiences and try new things, however, I would not recommend tattooing these experiences, you will regret it.

8. If you are single, dating will be so much fun! Little do you know your boss will have you working until late hours in the night because well, your fresh out of college. Technically you are a FRESHman, again. Say bye-bye to dating for awhile.

9. Some of us aren't even done with school because we decided to be way cool and go to grad school or something like that. AKA college graduation is no big deal. Buckle up, we got a loooooong way to go.

10. The reality: most of us have no idea what we are doing or where we are going. And that is all.

Freaked out and pessimistic soon-to-be college graduate.

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