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The Friday Five

9:12:00 AM

Happy Good Friday All!

I just want to start off by saying thanks for the support on yesterday's post! It is so great to know that you readers read and care about what I have to say. This Friday I actually found five things to rave about…yay me!

1. Easter
Um, this is an obvious one, but I love Easter. My family goes to church and then we eat a yummy ham dinner. The Easter bunny always visits….I love trying to find my Easter basket in the morning, that is one sneaky bunny;). It is just a fun day! Oh, and we can't forget about the infamous Easter dress. This is a very important detail of the day, those pastel dresses and matching knickers are a must…ham doesn't taste the same without them.

I mean look at this floral print…to die for! And the matching straw hat, I was a knockout. 

The pastel purple looks fabulous, especially with this Easter bunny ears. Rockin' it!

2. American Blogger. This is a movie coming out that I am frankly so excited to see. People all over the country get on the internet to share ideas, thoughts, and feelings to the rest of the world. Just watch…it's pretty amazing. 

3. bareMinerals New Foundation.
I am a firm user of mineral foundation. If you have been reading my blog you will see in this post that I have had enough issues with my face to last a lifetime. I am actually pretty excited though because bareMinerals is coming out with a liquid serum foundation! 

4. Boyfriend Jeans. Need a pair, want a pair. Enough said.

5. Family Time
I have been so busy lately I haven't been able to come home. I finally have some time off and with it being Easter weekend I get to come home for awhile! I am so excited. I hope you all have a wonderful Easter and enjoy your time with family and friends. 



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