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Back To The 90's

11:50:00 AM

So if you are in your twenties…you don't even have to be in your twenties….but if you are, you will especially remember the 90's. Most people declare the 80's to be the best decade, I agree to disagree. The 90's was my era, from huge car cell phones to Tamagotchi's. The 90's were just on point…except for the Monica Lewinsky issue, and lots of other world problems.

We all know the 90's was a time of great music….our parents will say it was the 80's but you can't mess with MC Hammer, Chumbawamba, R. Kelly, and Macy Gray. And these are only a few!

The toys in the 90's were the bomb dot com. From polly pockets to easy bake ovens…we were living the dream.

The 90's also had the greatest TV shows. From "Doug" to "Sister, Sister," life was great on TV.

Let's take a moment to remember the 90's. I mean let's face it, the 90's taught us how to dance, talk, walk, go potty in the toilet (thanks Bear in The Big Blue House), and make friends. We owe it to ourselves to not forget what decade we came from.

xoxo, Taylor

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