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Changing Your Life Plans

11:36:00 AM

How many of you have a had a life plan but realized later that it is not what you necessarily want? After all your schooling and jobs you realize that maybe you want something different; completely different. It's scary to think that one decision you make will literally change your life forever, but that's what this decision is. I have been struggling with this for the past year but not until recently have I realized that I may want something completely different than what I have worked for. The hardest part of making a life changing decision is worrying about what comes with that decision, like failure and disappointment. 

This is unknown territory and I haven't completely made up my mind in yet…I think I am putting that off as long as I can…but in any case, I need to make a decision. How do you go about doing this?

On another note, if you follow me in Instagram you will have seen some pictures I have posted but I think a little recap will be fun!
 You need to go to your local Target and pick up their new Candy Shoppe candles…they smell Amazing!!!
I finished a little gallery wall in our new apartment!

With big decisions comes big planning (we can plan, but obviously God's plan is much bigger) and I was so happy to have won this Kate Spade planer!! It starts in August 2014 and I cannot wait to start using it!!! I am officially a brand addict. And a polka dots addict. And maybe and Essie nail polish addict. The color I am wearing is Watermelon!! 

Have a great weekend!! Talk to you all on Monday!

xoxo, Taylor

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