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Floral Cutout Dress

11:35:00 AM

So here is another one of my favorite looks….I love this dress and the flower cutout trend is so popular these days!

Dress (similarsimilar) // Shoes // Clutch (similarsimilar) // Gumdrop Bracelet on sale!! // Bracelet // Earrings

I love this dress, I have seen so many of my favorite bloggers wear a dress like this (here and here). On other news, I have been trying to study for my MCAT and working on applications to hopefully get into med school, let's keep our fingers crossed. My boyfriend also took me to see the movie The Fault In Our Stars. If you haven't seen it, go. I balled my eyes out and my boyfriend even had a little twinkle in his eyes. I also want to read the book; I always do that backwards…see the movie then read the book, but I like it that way:)

"My thoughts are stars I cannot fathom into constellations"

Enjoy Your Day Lovlies,

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