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I'm Leaving My Relationship

8:41:00 AM

I'm leaving my relationship; it's not working anymore. There is too much fighting and bickering. Frankly, I'm not happy. I realized that I have been using my relationship to fill voids of other things. This has been a very long relationship and I don't know how I am going to break the news. It is scary to think that I will be out on my own, especially since we just got closer…a lot closer. How do you break the news? How do you learn to let go?

This relationship has been a roller coaster ride for many, many years. I have felt like it has been never ending. It doesn't stop and take breaks and it doesn't slow down or freeze in time. One night my relationship is perfect, the next it's like defcon five. The worst part is the relapsing; we continue to fight over the same thing.

This is it. This is the end. I am officially breaking up my relationship. I need to come to terms with it, I need to move on. I want to be happy again.

Junk food, it's been real but I can't live with you anymore. You make me fat and give me love handles. I love to hate you and love to love you but it's over now. I'm trading in my heels for tennis shoes and pushup bras for sports bras (ok I don't wear pushup bras because I already feel like the girls are too large…probably from the junk food). No more cocktails or soda, only healthy smoothies. No more cookies….ok still cookies, I can't get rid of everything! It's time; time to shed those pounds and look decent in a bathing suit. Today is the day. Bring it on.

Today is the day I get healthy and fit! Any suggestions?

xoxo, Taylor

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