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Our Trip To Costco

10:45:00 AM

Here in SD, we have all heard of Sam's Club. The club where you can buy bulk items and a kayak all at the same time. Well, Sioux Falls was fortunate enough to get a Costco. I was really excited because someone told me Costco is like Target, and we know that Wal-mart and Sam's Club are owned by the same company; Target is my favorite store so I new Costco would be a home run. Adam, his parents, and I decided it was time to take a trip there. I wanted to buy a lot of the food we get in bulk because that means less trips to the grocery store.

As we walk through the huge glass sliding doors, Adam's dad flashes the worker his Costco card (Adam and I are too poor to afford our own membership). I'm in awe by how large the inside is…first thing we see are TV's…it is only natural to put the most expensive item at the front of the store that way they get us hooked into wanting to see more. As we wipe the drool from our faces and keep moving, Adam spots golf clubs. We are both on a golf kick lately and we try to go whenever we can, except we don't have our own clubs…again, we are too poor. His eyes sparkle and he is so giddy, clearly I need to either work at Costco or get an extra job to afford a membership here because he doesn't even get this way with me. The reality of no money sets in and we keep going past the battery isle, plate and cup isle (we got really nice polka-dotted plastic cups there), and finally hit the isle we have all been waiting for…booze. I keep walking because I see my bulk, organic fruit ahead that I have to have but Adam is running up and down the isles. I hear my name being yelled and look back, he is holding a very large bottle of Crystal. "Taylor this is $200!!!!!!!, Why would they even have this sitting out!!" I think to myself, it is obviously because Lil Wayne will be stopping in after closing time to pick himself up a few. Once again, we all come back to reality and continue through the fresh fruit area. I grab a huge thing of strawberries, grapes, and raspberries, and a pineapple to top it off. Adam suggests we get some meat to grill so we go look at what the butcher presents to us. We decided to scratch the meat, because it was all over $20. I look at my list, scratch off fruits, and see we have lettuce, skinny pop, and lunch items left so we continue.

Next, we make our way to the very back of the store where all the toilet paper and paper towels are kept. There is something about this isle that I really love, I think it is the pure fact that you can literally by 50 rolls of toilet paper for a very good price. Adam and I gaze at the tall columns that are stacked and we find a small inlet. Naturally I step in this opening and Adam blocks me in with toilet paper so I can scare the next person who walks by. I wait, and wait, and I hear a gentleman approaching, he is singing "Let it Go" from the movie Frozen and I decide that he is probably not a good victim to scare so I jump out of the toilet paper and catch up to my crew. We meander through some isles, I grab some things and throw them in the cart and Adam ponders among many other things. We go down a frozen isle and Adam (once again excited) grabs a box of 60 waffles. "Adam, what are we going to do with 60 waffles??" "Um, eat them Taylor, DUH!!!" They go in the cart.

We start wrapping up our trip with a big bag of Skinny Pop (my favorite) and a box of individually wrapped Goldfish (for our lunches) then make our way to the checkout. Adam and I look at each other and become a little worried about how much this bill is going to be. The lady checking us out (literally and figuratively) says, "OH my gosh I love your necklace!!" I thank her, and she goes on…"Where did you get it?" "Francesca's, in the mall" I say. She takes a long pause and then says, "Ok where is that located?" (This woman really likes this necklace)  I give her directions and we get our bill of $63.50, not to shabby. The kind woman says thanks and tells us to come again! I think to myself, oh I definitely will, no one ever gives you compliments at Sam's Club.

We all smile and head to the door where another sweet lady checks our receipt. Adam and I congratulate each other on not spending over $100 and we load up the car. As we are driving home I remember, we forgot the bulk lettuce.

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