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The Chronicles of Living With A Man Part 1

8:35:00 AM

Most of you have seen this post about moving in with my boyfriend. I was asking him the other night for ideas about blog posts and the only idea I received was "how to get along with your man while living together." We have been living together for almost one month and let me tell you, it has been eventful. The couple that went from seeing each other for a weekend every two months is now living under the same roof, this screams drama, drama, drama. It is actually quite comical the kind of conversations we have….from laundry to ants we are figuring out how to navigate in our little apartment.

Taylor: "Adam why are you eating your breakfast on the couch?"
Adam: "Those kitchen stools don't have a back on them and I want to relax and eat."

Adam: "No, you need to refill the Brita water filter before you put it back in the fridge"
Taylor: "Fine, (refills pitcher and leaves pitcher in sink)"

Taylor: "Ok, you need to close the shower curtain"
Adam: "Obviously, if you don't water will get out."
Taylor: "No, I mean when you are finished"
Adam: "Why, for decoration?"
Taylor: "YES, it looks nicer!!"

(Our landlord didn't spray for bugs apparently because right by our balcony sliding doors ants have been getting in…I know, TMI, and that's gross)

Taylor: "OMG look at all the ants (proceeds to smash them while Adam lays on couch); Adam why   aren't you helping!!"
Adam: "Because I DON"T CARE!!"

Adam: "Taylor, you can't paint those tables, it will look like sh**"
Taylor: Paints tables….he now loves them.

Taylor: "Adam, we need to clean the apartment, here is windex, will you clean the mirrors?"
Adam: "Why the hell do we need to clean the mirrors, I have never cleaned a mirror"
**You should have seen him clean the bathroom mirror, it was like he was wiping a baby's butt or something.

Adam: "Taylor it's 7:30 in the morning I am not cleaning right now."

Adam (Right now): "Taylor we are going golfing in 30 minutes and you are writing a blog post."

This is my cue to exit…below are more pictures of our little happy places in our apartment. Have a good day lovelies, I must go practice my putting now!

xoxo, Taylor

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