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You Know You're From the Midwest When...

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You know you're from the midwest when…

// It's too windy to grill, so you rig up some mechanism that allows you to grill instead of ordering in, or going out. You will eat those steaks…no matter what.

Yes, that is a large picture of a peacock. If I had any skills in understanding measurement I probably would have realized it was going to be the size of our deck.

// Garage saling is still a thing.

// Beer thirty is also a thing…and used quite frequently.

// Ugg boots are a winter staple…the off brand works too. If you don't have ugg boots you will probably be laughed at by thousands of girls who wear ugg boots. 

// Summer is for golf, fishing, and camping. And beer thirty. 

// The coolest mall is Mall of America.  

// Everyone is a good driver. Especially in the winter months ;)

// We are also pros at driving on gravel roads. 

// Country concerts are the hottest thing. There is even a festival that celebrates them, WE Fest. 

// Trips are measured by the number of hours, not miles, and we will find the shortest possible route on that trip.

// Target, Walmart, and Shopko are like heaven to most women. 

// Motorcycles are common. Most people don't even wear helmets, and some even wear flip-flops because they are so accustomed to it. 

// Every family will have a staple outdoor game. Ladder ball and the beanbag game are most popular, and almost everyone made them at home. My dad and I made a game where we each stood in front of gallon buckets filled with water and threw a tennis ball in them, it kept us cool and was fun all at the same time.

// Ranch is and will be one of the only condiments you will ever use.

// 90% of the population has probably worked on a farm, grew up on a farm, or still lives on a farm.

// In the midwest we know the difference between a chicken and a hen.

// Sundays are still days of rest. There might not be much resting, but family time is a must.

// Most schools are still small; there are graduating classes of 12 people or so…it is a real thing. 

// There are also schools that are in the middle of a cornfield. These schools are generally called Cow Pie High. (There are lots of cows surrounding these schools as well).

// Campfires, bonfires, and fires are the best thing in the world. 99% of the population probably has a fire pit for this reason…and yes we still make s'mores.

// And you are probably from the midwest if you like reading things about people from the midwest, even though we already know these things, we like to be reminded.



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