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5 Reasons You Should Try Hot Yoga

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Hot + Yoga = Hot Yoga

Have you ever tried this? Today I plunged off the virgin dock of hot yoga and swam into unknown waters. All I can say, it was hot, really hot, but it was the best workout ever. If you are looking for something new in your workout I would recommend this version of yoga and here is why:

1// You will sweat more than you ever have.
I don't know about you but I am not the biggest fan of sweat; however, after a good run or intense workout, sweat is what makes you feel like you accomplished something. I have never sweat more in my life than I did at hot yoga and I thought to myself: I am burning calories, plus I am dripping in sweat…I am essentially losing more weight than a normal workout. SCORE!

2// Yoga Mats are FUN.
Who doesn't love a good yoga mat? I had a really cute orange one awhile back but lost it so today before class I decided to purchase one and the lady told me the one she recommends to everyone (the most expensive) is a Lululemon yoga mat. I sighed and decided I wasn't in a mood to disappoint people so I bought the expensive Lululemon mat and went to class. Turns out, she was right…I love it and you will too. I have this one.

3// You get to wear cute workout gear.
Workout gear these days are so cute! I particularly love UnderArmour, GapFit, Athleta, Old Navy, and Nike things. Please note: wear thin clothing, a tank-top, headband, and deodorant. 

4// If you love yoga, this is even better.
I love yoga; I took a physical education yoga class my first year of college as a requirement and fell in love with the whole concept. There is something about having your body, mind, and spirit all aligned that feels wonderful. Yoga is a great workout and it is even better to be dripping in sweat when you are done because you are burning more calories:)

5// Try New Things
Lately I have been on a kick where I like to try new things. As humans we get comfortable. Comfortable with everything in our daily lives; our breakfast, job, workouts, sleeping schedule, etc. I think it is wonderful to keep your life interesting and try new things because when you are 90 and can't move I will be 90 and flexible as heck because I decided to try hot yoga:)

xoxo, Taylor

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