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A Day At The Zoo

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A couple weeks ago I went to the zoo with my grandpa and little brother. This was a very eye opening experience and you are probably asking yourself how that is so. I was able to witness how my nine year old brother views the zoo compared to my 70 year old grandpa. Not only that, the whole time I was at the zoo I kept correlating it to a blog post…which is what I do with just about everything these days.

Yes, in the South Dakota zoo we have cows…not like any road you drive down you can't look to your left or right and see a large cluster of them, I guess it's for those out-of-staters.

This is probably one of my favorite animals at the zoo, the Colobus Monkey. This little guy above was so precious, just taking a nap on his rope…at least I think he was taking a nap. If he wasn't napping then he was seriously contemplating suicide or creating an escape plan. The funny part of this story is my little brother stopped to look at this monkey and after a few minutes started walking away; he then turned around and said, "Ok, I just have to ask, what is that little white thing?" I looked at him and said, "I believe those are his private parts (I tried to be filtered)." My sweet brother said "Ohhhhhhhhkkk, never mind then!" and turned around…kids sure say the darndest things. As I look at this picture I am wondering if it is a belly button or indeed private parts…anything is possible in the world today.

There are about 10 peacocks that roam around the zoo freely. It's as if they are the "colorful people" in all the zoo and don't really care what people think…I commend you peacock.

The zoo makes me sad most of the time because 99% of the animals just look depressed or sick…if I could let them out of their gates and set them free I would, but I would probably be arrested. In any sorts, the zoo made me happy to have my freedom…and even better, the freedom to become and do whatever I want with my life.

Happy Day!!

xoxo, Taylor

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