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I've Been Summoned

11:44:00 AM

Life is full of un-expectations (if that is even a word). We all expect things in life, we all hope and pray for certain things to happen, but we don't realize that life brings us mostly things we don't expect. 

I have been commanded/summoned/subpoenaed to go to court. I don't think I am ready to talk about the situation on here, and legally I might not be able to. Don't worry, I am not a criminal and I haven't performed any illegal actions. The thing is, I never in my life expected this to happen…but it did. The only thing I can do is get through it to the best of my ability and pray for a positive outcome.

There are so many things we pray (if you pray) or hope for to happen. I hope I get that job, I pray my check-up goes well, I pray my blog becomes successful, he prays she doesn't cheat, she prays she looses weight and so on. Why don't we ever take a step back and pray/ think/ hope for the un-expected?

No one expected she would get cancer.
No one expected him to be arrested.
No one expected their grandmother would have dementia.
No one expected to lose their job.
No one expected to claim bankruptcy.
No one expected their actions would hurt someone else.
No one expected they would get a divorce.
No one expected she would have a baby at 16.
No one expected a plane would be shot down.
No one expected all the horrible and cruel things that take place in the world.

But these things happen. They happen all the time. I was blindsided, I wasn't expecting the unexpected. 
I think instead of saying all the things I wish for, it would be better for me to say, "I hope that whatever unexpected thing comes my way that I have the strength and courage to get through it." We live life based on hopes and dreams, and that is okay, however, I think it is better to look at life everyday as if something unexpected will happen, because it will.

On another note…cheers to the weekend!! Have a great weekend friends!!

xoxo, Taylor

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