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Learning to Love Yourself

4:11:00 PM

Well folks, today I took MCAT number 2. My family and friends always ask, "how do you think you did?" This is a frustrating question you see because this test is not easy, well in my eyes, so I really have no feeling towards it. Some questions went ok, others, not so much. I think the MCAT really tests your strength, confidence, and positivity. As this being my second time around I tried my hardest to stay positive but there was a huge part of me that is worried it will end up the same way as test #1.

You're probably thinking "who cares" or "boo hoo for you" and I agree. I am learning as I get older that what is most important in life is doing things that make you happy and loving who you are, all the rest will fall into place. After my test today, I took a sigh of relief and I realized: it's OKAY if the test doesn't go well again, there are other options. I can do whatever I want in life. I can do what I love, and so can you.

I am a people pleaser and growing up I generally did what my parents wanted for me. I never rebelled, I never tried to be someone different. I was molded into a person who doesn't like to disappoint anyone around her. I want everyone to be happy around me and if I can make that happen I will, but I have realized that this can be a dangerous thing. You need to your love yourself too and put yourself and God in front of others. This sounds selfish, but it's true. I struggled with loving and even liking myself and my life throughout my college career. I didn't like who I was, I wasn't happy with my life, at all. I was depressed, lonely, and angry, and I wasn't willing to jump off the track to figure out just what I want. This blog has helped me in so many ways that I cannot believe. I like who am today. I enjoy this blogging world and getting lost in it all. I find creativity and an unbelievable amount of inspiration and most of all I love writing and hearing all your comments. I have finally found a piece of life that I can go to when all else isn't so good.

I am still trying to navigate through life, wearing Kate Spade and Birkenstocks as much as possible, and  I know that God has a plan for me and if you believe, you too. There is so much beauty, creativity, inspiration, and love in the world…all you (and I) have to do is find it.

Now, enough sappy stuff…I just finished a huge, brain-frying, 4 hour exam…it's time to PAARRRTTTTAAAAYYY!!!

Enjoy your day lovelies,

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