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Let's Get Fit

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Ever since I graduated, I have been trying to figure out what makes me happy in life. So many times we spend our time trying to make others happy, yes this is important, but it is a little difficult to make others happy if you are not happy with yourself. I have realized that one thing that not only makes me happy but gives me energy and confidence is trying to become fit. I have always tried to workout and I have maintained my weight since I was in high school, thank goodness for that because I never would have been able to afford new jeans in college:). The difference between then and now is that I have found something that makes me feel good and keeps me happy rather than something I just did because I wanted to fit in.

// Exercise //
I have tried almost every kind of exercise in the book: running, walking, Billy's Bootcamp, yoga, ab workouts, water aerobics, Zumba, and the list goes on. I have recently found a fitness place in my city that I LOVE, called Form Fitness. I walk out of every class disgustingly sweaty and that's what I like. This fitness studio is all based on classes from Indoor Rowing to Power Kinyasa Yoga to BarreAmped. These classes really, really focus on your muscles and getting in shape. I am not saying go find a place like this, but find something that you enjoy otherwise you will not work as hard, be as motivated, and become as energized as you would.

// Hydration //
Drink Water. Period. Get rid of pop and sugary juices. To switch it up, I like to drink chocolate milk if I am craving something other than water, and besides my coffee that is all drink.

// Food //
This is the hard part for me. I love sweets…so I don't get rid of them, but I try my hardest to minimize them around the house. I am not on some crazy diet and I don't necessarily think you should be. I will have a smoothie or yogurt for breakfast (with my coffee), salad and fruit for lunch, Skinny Pop or edamame for snack, and dinner is always pretty healthy unless we go out to eat, and even then I try to order something that has less calories. The trick is finding things that you love. I love edamame and I found a huge bag of organic edamame at Costco, sold. Skinny pop tastes so good and it is only 100 calories for a cup! I still love the occasional ice cream cone and Laffy Taffy…it is all about balance.

// Outfits //
It may seem funny but I think dressing the part of excercising is important. I stopped wearing those college and high school t-shirts with the club or school name printed on them and found some cute workout wear that is comfy but also makes me feel good. It took some time to find things I like but once I did I got them in every color;).

These Under Armour short sleeve, semi-fitted t-shirts are my favorite! They are not skin tight (I hate tight clothing) but they still show your curves off. There are so many colors too, which is awesome. Get them here.

I am wearing my favorite shirt here!

Don't think I am telling you that my way is the only thing that works. The moral of the story: I have found a workout routine, healthy food, and clothes that I love. These things keep me motivated to work out and try to live a healthy lifestyle.

Find what you love, what makes you happy, and do that. If you have to try a million different things then so be it. The payoff of enjoying life is so much greater than wasting your time not being {happy}.

xoxo, Taylor

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