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Rude Awakening

3:37:00 PM

It's happening….I have to officially be an adult. I am dealing with real adult problems and I must say, I'm not lovin' it. As a kid, all I wanted to do was grow up. I wanted to have the perfect job, a beautiful, organized house, and do whatever I wanted whenever I wanted. If I could, I would take all that back. Life goes by so fast and in the blink of an eye you are a 22 year old, college graduate, living paycheck to paycheck, trying to decide what to do with your life, pulling out chin hairs, and oh, and dealing with all the other adult-like things.

Yea, this happy, sunflower wearing little girl, is now an obsessive compulsive, at times crabby, real-world adult. 

I recently got in a car wreck, not too terrible, a sweet old lady rear-ended me. The real problem started when I had to take it in to get it estimated; essentially my estimator told me my car wasn't safe to drive….and here I have driven it for two weeks now. Then there is dealing with the scheduling, and trying to get a rental car, and dealing with the insurance companies. I wish I could stop my feet, roll around on the floor, scream and cry, but nooooo, I have to be an adult. No one tells you as a kid you are going to have to deal with all these crappy issues, and time doesn't stop or slow down so you eventually have to grow up.

Here is what I have learned so far in my adulthood:
1. Working out isn't an option, you should probably just do it. Your butt gets bigger, your love handles will grow and that tiny pooch over your stomach won't be tiny anymore.

2. The only time you have to workout is either super early in the morning or late at night. You have a job, and laundry, and you have to make dinner. I went to a rowing class this mooring at 6:30. That may not be early to some but I couldn't believe I was up at that time and I was actually working out!! No bueno.

3. You cannot eat whatever you want. Sorry ice cream cone that I just ate, you will be worked off tomorrow, you cannot stay and enjoy the company of the other fat on my love handles. Your metabolism slows down and you are tired ALL the time, so eat healthy because it will give you more energy.

4. You tire easily. My bedtime as gone from 12:00 to 8:00pm within weeks. It is unbelievable how exhausted I am. I will admit, working out and eating healthier helps me be less tired but nevertheless, I am still tired.

5. Everything and anything costs money; unless you make it big at the casino. And your paychecks go to things that you don't want to pay for, like rent, dish detergent, extra scented trash bags, and toilet paper. It is a total Debbie Downer.

6. Get insurance, for EVERYTHING. Your cell phone, your clothes, whatever, just have insurance. Thankfully my dad still pays my car insurance so the recent hail damage and car wreck are not an issue, however, I just broke my beautiful gold iPhone 5. No insurance and they can't fix the screen so I will have to buy a new one…at full price. Again, no bueno.

7. Your body will start to ache in the morning, even randomly during the day. I get out of bed as slow as molasses due to the crick in my back and crink in my neck.

This post may seem like I am complaining/whining and that may be…I had a rude awakening today and I wasn't all that ready, start preparing yourself and take precautions as you enter the world of adulthood. If you are already in the world, good for you, keep trucking, I am sure something good will happen soon, like payday or maybe you will save money on your car insurance, or get lucky on bingo night. Whatever it is, enjoy the small moments of happiness and bliss, they keep you going.

For now, I will enjoy this ice cream cone and live vicariously through my sweet nine year old brother.

 Have a "crazy kid" kind of day:)

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