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What The Kardashians Can Teach Us About Life

8:35:00 AM

We have all heard of the Kardashian family. If you don't hate them, then you probably love them. It is some sick, twisted love, but the family has a way of annoying you so much you can't stop taking your eyes off the television. I was recently watching the latest episode (guilty pleasure) and I realized that the Kardashians can teach us so much about life. Who would've thought…

1. If something makes you happy in life, do it. Don't waste your time doing something you hate.

2. It is a very good idea to coordinate outfits with your significant other…it gives off the vibe that you have class and sophistication. And if you can, share clothes, that is even better.

3. Tell it like it is. Don't hold back in life, get it all out there, even if it is hurtful.

4. Use all the free stuff you can get, it doesn't matter how much money you have. Life isn't cheap, and free stuff is FREE.

5. When in doubt, sleep it out. 

6. Always eat and drink with class. 

7. Last but not least, your Christmas cards better be PERFECT.

xoxo, Taylor

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