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5 Things

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It's only Tuesday, and I am ready for the weekend. I hate that I get in this mood so instead I am trying to perk up and decided to list five things that I am loving this week. Hopefully, just hopefully this can give me that extra push to get to Wednesday.

1. Sweats. South Dakota is cold! I love the fall and winter but it came really sudden this year and I am not prepared. I haven't gone fall or winter clothes shopping and as of now, I don't intend to. I am loving wearing sweats and t-shirts all day, everyday. I don't know how some girls dress nice everyday…I am so uncomfortable in cute clothes…I should probably figure that out. Any tips?

2. Hunger Games Mockingjay Trailer. Yesterday I saw the trailer for Mockingjay…I am so excited!! Now that Harry Potter has been over for awhile, Hunger Games has been my go-to. And, the fact that it is coming out in November is even better!

3. #Girlboss. I know this book has been out for awhile but I just finished and I must say, it is one of the best books I have read in awhile. The motivation I have to figure out my life and work hard is so much greater after reading Sophia's story. #killinit

4. Reading My Favorite Blogs. Lately, I have been reading some ah-ma-zing blog posts. I try to read posts from my blog list everyday and I would highly recommend putting your own list together. The women behind these blogs are so inspirational and their blogs are why I have kept mine going.

Some Favorites:
Hi Sugarplum
Helene In Between
Crowley Party
The Daily Tay
Gal Meets Glam
The Grits Blog 
The College Prepster
Living in Yellow
The Sweetest Thing
The Other Julliette
Southern Curls and Pearls
The Life of Bon

and the list goes on….

5. Pumpkin Sighting. It's official, I have seen pumpkins. This is how I know fall is marching her way in. I love pumpkins and even more…it means Christmas is closer, and if you know me, you know December is my jam. Yay for the changing seasons!

What Are Your Five Things For The Week?

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