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Horoscopes: Faux-Pas Or The Real Deal?

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Horoscopes have been on my mind lately, a lot! My bf laughs because he doesn't believe in them…and I read mine everyday. Horoscopes are kind of one of those things that you either really believe/follow or you don't and my horoscope is generally spot on with what's going on in my life.

One day my life coach (yes I have one...that's another blog post for another day) told me that along with any other religious things I do that I should read my horoscope. She said since I am a type-A personality and I hate the unknown that reading my horoscope might give a little insight or clarity to my day…and boy, was she right.

Here's how it is. I am a planner, I plan everything…I knew what I was doing with my life at the age of 10 and stuck to it ever since, well, ever since I graduated college and changed my mind. Now, I have no idea what my life is bringing me or what I am supposed to be doing. Reading my horoscope gives me a sense of knowledge to expect my day won't go well, or it might…it tells me the unknown. Granted, not all my horoscopes line up perfectly but I feel better knowing that financial troubles are on the horizon or that my family is being extra crazy or that I will become a CEO in two years..ha. Whatever it says, I feel more at peace for what my day will be like.

And Today…

Whether you believe or don't believe I find it thrilling to read something that tells me about my day…because I have NO CLUE what my days will be like anymore. Like I said, I am a planner and when I didn't plan for something, my mind gets thrown off track and I freak out.

So tell me, do you believe in horoscopes? Do you read your horoscope? 

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  1. I'm a capricorn! I don't believe in horoscopes, at all. But then again, it's never been very accurate for me!

  2. I am a cancer and I don't know if I believe or not. Ha! That being said - I do still read mine and it does help me focus my energy.

  3. I agree…I am on the fence about it but it is kinda fun to read war it says every day:)

  4. Yay for Capricorns! When is your birthday? Horoscopes are a hit or miss I think.