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Styling 101

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I'm no stylist, but I like to think I know a thing or two about putting together an outfit. This is my quick, 6-step, process that I like to use when I pick out my outfit for the day…it makes getting dressed so much quicker and smoother, no more clothing fits for this girl!

Start with one item of clothing, whether that be pants or a top, just pick one thing that you absolutely want to wear. I chose this adorable Loft, embroidered, knit sweater

Add pants (or a top if you first chose pants) of a different texture. There are many cases where pairing the same textures are okay but for now, pick something different. In this case, I chose Lou & Grey drawstring pants that have the look and feel of washed silk. 

If you are going for a casual look, go for some flats or slip-ons. I wanted to dress this look up so I chose a simple pair of nude heels. 

Adding another texture to your look gives the hint that your look is complete. The top and bottoms itself are a little understated so we want to add a piece that completes it…this could be anything from a cardigan, scarf, jacket, or a sweater. I added a leather jacket; perfect for fall!

Don't skip this part! Yes, some outfits don't need accessories and in my case, the color of my top is embroidered with beading so I only need bracelets and a simple pair of earrings. Add a statement necklace if you like a bolder look. 

This outfit is lacking the colorful part of my personality, so I added color to nails with Essie! Also, never forget your sunnies to protect your eyes!

What are some styling tips that you live by?

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