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That Time I Auditioned For American Idol

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Once upon a time, I auditioned for American Idol. No, I'm not joking. I wanted to make it big, I thought I was going to make it big. I loved singing and for some unknown reason I thought this meant I was worthy of auditioning for American Idol, and that is just what happened.

My mom and I drove from Sioux Falls, SD to Denver, CO for this audition, nothing ever happens in Sioux Falls. My parents were actually very supportive of my dream, but they were a little worried that I hadn't performed in front of an audience before. (You'd think I would've had that worry too.) My dad told me that I had to sing in front of an audience before I went to the audition, so I did, at the high school talent show. I obviously rocked it (I actually messed up and cried after).

Yay for me, I performed in front of an audience so my mom and I packed the car and headed to Colorado. It was the longest trip ever and since I thought I was Carrie Underwood, I sang her whole CD on the way. Of course I thought Paula, Randy, and Simon wanted to hear another Carrie Underwood win the competition, they loved her so much the first time. Once we got there, we obviously hit up all the outlet malls, there are like five, and that is wear I got my super cute performance outfit.

Did I mention I was in Colorado, in the heat of the summer, in an outdoor stadium, and I chose to wear jeans and wedges…not my best decision. Let's just see some more pictures…

Here is the moral of the story…follow your dreams, whatever they may be. This experience was so fun and I wouldn't trade it for the world. I met some of the most flamboyant, fun, eccentric people ever. Was I actually going to make it past the first round? Heck no. My parents were so supportive however,  and I thank them for that. 

Always follow your dreams, even if that's not what you were set out to do, you will be placed on the right path. Eventually. 

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  1. this is so cool that you did this!! how awesome and I agree- you just gotta follow your dreams!

  2. I think it's so cool that you had a dream, and you went for it. Fear stands in the way of too many things so I admire people like you who say, "Why not?". You go, girl.

    Megan //

    P.S. My blog turned 1 today so I'm giving away a Louis Vuitton clutch. Be sure to enter!

  3. That is amazing that you experienced this!!! HOW cool!!! So did you get to actually sing in front of Simon Randy and Paula? I don't watch AI LOL so I am not sure how the precess works exactly!

  4. Thanks Megan! Oooo I am loving that Louis clutch on your blog:)

  5. Thanks! And no I didn't, but I got to see Ryan Seacrest a lot!!