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Beauty Products For The Changing Seasons

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If you haven't been to South Dakota, then you don't know that when the seasons change…they change quick. We have rough winters and the "fall" season only lasts a few weeks. With that being said, my skin (and almost everyone else's I know) takes a beating. It goes from being more oily in the summer to super dry in the winter and fall is the transition between the two. I have learned that there are certain things that can ease this transition and keep my skin less dry in the winter and reduce the oiliness in the summer.

Hair, Skin & Nails Vitamins // In the winter our skin and hair becomes very dry…these vitamins are good to take all the time, as they contain loads of Biotin which supports radiant skin and strong hair/nails, however taking them in the winter months is even more beneficial. 

Humidifier // I love my humidifier, I try to turn it on every night because I definitely notice a difference of moisture in the air. My skin isn't so dry and neither is my throat!

Moisturizer For Body // Any moisturizer will work, but find one that suite you best. I love, love, love Aveeno Positively Nourishing. First of all, it is a "calming" lotion so it has a very nice delicate scent; not only that, it keeps my skin moist all day!

Exfoliate // This is important to do frequently but even more so in the winter. We all know our face can become dry and cracked…when you exfoliate you remove all the dead and dry skin. I have preached about my Clarisonic before but it seriously works.

Moisturizer For Face // I do NOT use the same moisturizer for my body and face…for me that leads to clogged pores and a skin rash. I love Purpose, Aveeno, Neutrogena, etc; you can find these at Target or Walgreens, but most are hypoallergenic, oil-free moisturizers that doesn't clog my pores. They are all really light but I can feel the difference when I put it on. Again, find a good moisturizer for your face and use that…it is a good idea to switch it up a bit in the winter as well.

Vitamin D // During the winter months, most of us are inside (at least in the Midwest you are). We don't see much sun, and if we do our whole body is covered with snow gear….ergo, we are not getting as much Vitamin D in the winter. Vitamin D supports mood health so it may be beneficial to take an extra vitamin every once in awhile during the winter months.

Lip Balm // Any lip balm, just use it. I love Burts Bees, but I have recently found a love for Sun Shades lip balm. It is packed with jojoba, cocoa butter, beeswax, vitamin E, and SPF 15. I would highly recommend trying this stuff out…it isn't cakey and feels light and airy on your lips!

What are some products you use in the winter months? I am on the lookout for good hair care products…I need your advice!!

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  1. I'm all about that Clarisonic life. I use mine 2x a day and am obsessed. I also can't LIVE through winter without Burt's Bees. Good tips!!


  2. You must! They are super delicious…I wish I could eat more than the serving size;)

  3. Thanks Tay! Yes, I use mine twice a day too…my skin feels off if i only use it once, or not at all (which happens when I forget to charge it).