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Creative Holiday Addressing

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Tis' the season…to spread joy and happiness. Right? Right! I went to a creative "fake" calligraphy workshop the other night to learn and practice the art of addressing envelopes in a fun and whimsical way. I have always had this dream that I would personally write out all of my future wedding invitations in calligraphy…that is a total stretch. Even fake calligraphy is hard, it takes awhile and if you are a perfectionist like me then it will take forever! However, I still think there is something special about receiving a hand-written letter personalized to the nines in the mailbox.

So, I gave myself the challenge of addressing a pretty envelope to each one of my family members this holiday season, to spread some Christmas cheer. Here is what I learned:

1// Start out writing with pencil…and press lightly because you can erase everything later. A ruler is helpful too if you are really particular and like lines. You can write however you want…you are your own personal font! Play around a bit on some scratch paper and find certain elements that you like.

2 // Sharpies and gel pens are your friend. Utilize all sizes of sharpies and play around with the thickness. To achieve fake calligraphy, ease pressure as you go up and apply pressure as you go down. 

3 // Add character. I didn't want this to look like skinny letters on an envelope, so I took a fine point sharpie and tried to create a "bubble or box" letter. It gave the letters a little more character and added some fun! Remember to go back and erase any pencil markings that you missed.

4 // Get into the holidazzze. Who doesn't love gold, and metallic? I used a white gel pen, you know those ones we used in elementary school that would explode in our backpacks? This gold metallic envelope added some festive holiday cheer; I then decided to make more curly letters for a whimsical feel. 

5 // Have fun with it! I challenge you to address a letter to someone this holiday season and actually spend some time making it unique and one-of-a-kind. Who wouldn't love to find something so personalized arrive in their mailbox?  

Any addressing advice? I am always looking for new ideas…and trying not to completely stump the mailman:) 

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  1. I have been using gel pens to decorate gift tags... such fun!

  2. These are so so cute! They look professional! What a great idea for the holidays :) This has been pinned!


  3. Oooo that's a good idea! I think I may have to make some homemade gift tags this year!

  4. Thanks Karen! I think it's a fun way to brighten someone's day.

  5. Thanks Taylor! I think my family and friends will love receiving them in the mail:)