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Fashion Photo Bloopers

9:11:00 AM

Most of us have our significant others, mothers, best friends, sisters, etc., take pictures of us for our blogs. We then edit, crop, chop, sparkle, brighten, and twist our photos to become head-turning photographs. What we don't let others see are the blooper photos. The photos where we are commanding our boyfriend to zoom in on the bracelet, or rolling our eyes, or trying to look super chic but we look like a zombie instead.
We have the best camera and lens ever so I don't really have to edit any of my photos and I generally keep them all for those "just in case" moments. So, here ya go…the bloopers I have collected in my "fashion posts" albums. The ones that don't generally make the cut. Some are just too funny not to share, and let's be honest…there is not one blogger that doesn't look silly at least sometimes.

I whip my hair back and forth, I whip my hair back and forth.


Pulling up my pants all while telling bf to stop taking pictures.


It's hard to see when it's snowing.


Have a great Tuesday!!!

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  1. I love this....someone that is keeping it real!!! I would have a whole slew of photos like that and maybe 1 0r 2 ok ones. Thanks for sharing these!

  2. Haha! And to be completely honest…most of the photos turn out like this, simply akward!! It's fun though and I thought hey, why not share!! Thanks Anne:)))

  3. Prom Outfitters Many of us filter our photo to look it great but for me I still love bloopers photos. It's fun and realistic. *_*