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Favorite Holiday Photo: Blogmas14' Day 2

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Who doesn't love holiday photos?  It's actually a miracle if my family gets a photo taken for the holidays. Generally, my family is either too full of wine and crab legs (family tradition), crabby because it's late, or so tired they are passed out next to the Christmas tree. Ok, that might be an exaggeration but it is really hard to get a photo of us on Christmas because we are so busy. I have rounded up a few photos below that are my favorites.

As you can see by my 1 year old face, I love Christmas. Dressed in bows and plaid I was pretty much Santa's holiday poster child. Thank you mom for making me look so cute. 

This photo is more of a "blooper" photo in my book. Matching velvet holiday outfits? Never again. Also, take a look at how horrible that perm is that I have! And my hand on my little sister's shoulder? That is more like a death grip because we hated each other and rarely got along. Merry Christmas from the velvet wearing, badly permed 11 year old.

This photo is by far my favorite. With the divorce of my parents, holidays have never really been the same for me. My siblings are always doing their best to make Christmas extra special because they know how much it means to me. This photo shows all the love we have:). 

Thank you for joining in with me and Ash

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  1. I love the photo of you and your siblings. So much love and happiness in those smiles!

  2. Thank you!! I love it too, such a great holiday:)

  3. Such cute photos! I'm pretty sure I had that same outfit as a baby haha.

  4. Aww I'm glad you have siblings and that they were able to help you through a hard time! These pictures are so cute!

  5. Too cute! I'm pretty sure I had a similar velvet Christmas outfit as well... You're not alone! :-)