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It's My Birthday, I'll Cry If I Want To

8:13:00 AM

I am 23. Where did my life go? I look back and think of past birthdays….my Pocahontas birthday at age five, Harry Potter birthday at 12, big sleepover at age 16, and now, at 23, I am celebrating…cautiously.

I feel as I get older, my birthdays become more of a reflection of the past year. What did I accomplish, what did I fail at, where do I see myself in the next couple of years, what makes me happy, what new things have I learned? This year was a big one, I graduated college, changed career paths, and found a hobby I am completely smitten with.

There are definitely things I have learned this year too…some good lessons, some not so good, some that I am thanking God for teaching me everyday.

// It's ok to indulge in the delicious things life has to offer. Life is too short not to eat chocolate.

// I will always be a lover of color…nothing will ever dull that, not even old age.

// Lemon water is great for your skin, metabolism, and helps reduce bloating.

// Write often. Hand written letters are the best.

// Family and friends are to be cherished. Cherish those close to you because someday they could be gone.

// Don't be Kim Kardashian; smile…even though it causes wrinkles.

// Being a grown up has its perks but it sucks paying the grown up bills…to all you youngsters, enjoy the young years while you can.

// Find your passion and go for it!

// Reality TV doesn't rot your brain…it will actually make you feel better about yourself.

// Take lots of pictures; invest in a good camera if you can.

// Read books, magazines, papers, etc. Just keep reading!

// Invest in good shoes.  I should have listened to my mother from day one about this.

// Stay organized. It's one thing in your grown up life that you can control.

// Wash your hands…all the time. Germs are still yucky at age 23.

// Learn something new everyday.

// Lastly, love what you do. You will be miserable in life if you continue to work at a place that you hate.

// Oh, one more. Dress cute, wear sequins, and enjoy life!! I am still working on this one.

And that's a wrap. Here's to another year, over and gone. Let's start this one off with a bang. 

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  1. these pics are so so pretty! and love all you've learned. Happy birthday!

  2. we should be pen pals if you love handwritten letters!! and i TOTALLY AGREE with you about reality shows!! happy birthday!!

  3. Happy Belated Birthday!! I hope you had a wonderful day...and thanks for sharing your wisdom and lessons learned...all great advice!

  4. These photos are ADORABLE. Happy belated birthday!! Also I love this: "Reality TV doesn't rot your brain…it will actually make you feel better about yourself." - so true!! Nothing wrong with a little ego boost every once in awhile. This is all awesome advice. :)


  5. We should totally be pen pals!! Let's email our addresses!