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My Favorite Christmas Present: Blogmas14' Day 13

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I have never had a bad Christmas. That sounds so materialistic to say but combing family, friends, good food, snow, and presents it always turns out great. A bonus for me is if I do happened to be disappointed about something on Christmas (like when I was a kid and thought I would get a really cool CD player but didn't) my birthday is five days after. My parents have always done a great job separating the two. I would get so angry if family ever combined my gifts for Christmas and birthday…they didn't do that for my sister and her birthday is in July, what's the difference?  You get the picture.

I was trying to think of my all time favorite Christmas present. I remember that I loved getting clothes and my first Coach bag and a new bike and when I was younger I went crazy over Mary-Kate and Ashley stuff. But I truly, truly think my favorite present ever is when it snows on Christmas day.

Most people I know hate snow. They hate driving in it, hate scooping it, hate scraping their car….they just hate it. When I was a kid and it snowed I always thought it was so magical.  Now that I am older I agree with the general population that I don't really like driving in it and I don't like to scrape my car but it comes with the territory. My mom said when I was born it was "blizzarding" out…I think I was born to love the snow and I am SOOOOOOO disappointed when we don't have a white Christmas. It just doesn't feel as magical to me.

Everyone in South Dakota is on a hype because it is supposed to be 50 degrees today…but little do they know our weatherman said to be prepared for a winter storm Sunday night and Monday…..BOOYA!!!

Ok, before I make your eyes fall out, here is another one of my favorite presents. My parents got me a graduation bracelet with a four leaf clover charm as a sign of good luck when I went off to college. That Christmas, my bf gave me a snowflake charm to put on it as well. My love for snow is real.

(It needs MAJOR polishing…I haven't worn it in awhile)

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  1. As much as I dislike snow, it is great when we have a white Christmas! Being from NY we typically have one but it's always a little depressing when there isn't any snow.

  2. As a kid growing up in California, I was always wishing for snow on Christmas! :) One year we had it the day before and I was so sad it didn't stick! haha But then I moved to Wyoming and got plenty! Love a snowy Christmas morning :)

  3. I'm so with you on the snow, girl! Ya just need it to finish off the magic that is Christmas!