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Basic Jewelry Pieces Every Gal Needs

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My favorite accessory to dress up or dress down an outfit is the jewelry I pair with it. I am always wearing earrings, a ring or two, and some simple bracelets. I think these three types of jewelry are good basics to start with…and build your collection from there. I love statement necklaces and earrings but sometimes simple is better, and I am also willing to splurge a little more on the simpler pieces. We all know gold is my go-to but silver jewels are just as beautiful. If you have any other jewelry must haves please share! I am looking to add to my collection!

So tell me, what is your go-to jewelry must have?!?

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  1. Those earrings are so cute! I love that look. My go to accessory right now are statement necklaces. I cannot get enough of them!

  2. I'm not really a jewelry person (everything but earrings and necklaces annoy me after awhile), but this post has made me really want some cute rings!

  3. Prom Outfitters :
    Earrings- one of my favourite jewelry. I'm looking for that kind of earrings.
    Where can we buy that?

  4. I loooove statement necklaces, they add so much to an outfit!

  5. Yes! You should definitely find some…they add such a feminine touch to your outfit!