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Fashion Photo Bloopers Part 2

5:30:00 AM

I'd like to be perfect…but we all know that's not possible. Everyday I read blogs and look at pictures that seem effortless and beautiful and I think to myself, "how can I be as perfect as these ladies?" Unfortunately I have not figured out that answer…when I do, I will let you now. Until then, I am going to keep posting photo bloopers and outtakes because well, that's me. I try really hard to make this internet space of mine perfect…but it's not, so why not show you the real deal. I have done a previous post like this before so if you want more giggles take a look!

Do you see how crooked my hair is? Did I even look in the mirror when I left home? Apparently not.

Double chin and crazy dog…this is what perfection in the real world looks like.

The "Yeah I'm fix in my hair, deal with it" look.

For those of you who don't know…this is my mad face. The "Oh Em Gee you are driving me crazy" face…to the gentleman behind the camera, you know why I gave you this look.

Hair, more hair, and oh, hair!! 

It's so bright so I think I will just keep my eyes closed…mmmk?

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  1. Aw, these may be bloopers but they are super cute! Love your dog! :)

  2. These are great! Bloopers always make you see someone from a different view. We see even more of the funny side of you. Some people wouldn't dream of posting these! For every outdoor picture I take I have another of me with one eye closed because of the sun lol