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How To Make The Perfect Latte

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It's safe to say you can call me a latte snob, or a Starbucks snob. Financially, it isn't smart to go to Starbucks every day so for the last year or so I have been trying to perfect a homemade-mock-Starbucks latte. I must admit you guys, I have done a pretty good job! I love waking up, making a latte, and reading my favorite blogs…it doesn't get much better than that.

// Milk
// Espresso
// Syrup (Your favorite flavor)

What You Need:
// Frother (Hand-held or Electric)
// Cute coffee mug
// Coffee Maker

1 // You will want to froth and heat your milk. You can use an electric frothed like the one I have below, or purchase a hand held one and do it yourself. The frother I have both heats and froths but you can also microwave your milk for about 30 seconds to heat it up. At best you will pay a little under $20 for a hand-held frothed…trust me it's worth it!
2 // Once your milk is frothed, you need to add your espresso. Everyone has a different coffee machine but any shot of espresso will do. I generally do a shot and a half (I am a sleepy person, ha). 

3 // This is probably the most important part; you will need to choose a super cute mug to drink your latte out of. I recently did a post on coffee mugs for every occasion and I received lots of comments so I know you have a cute one to use!

4 // Add your espresso and 2 tablespoons of syrup (I like caramel). Drink and enjoy!

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  1. Yummy! I have a selection of syrups at home.

  2. I'm not going to lie- I rely on my Nespresso machine for the perfect latte! But this seems simple enough in case I'm ever without:)

    xx gabriella

  3. YUM, that looks delicious plus that mug is adorable!

  4. This looks delicious! I've been thinking about buying a Nespresso, i have a Keurig but i'm pretty bored of it. How do you like the Nespresso?

  5. Oh yum!! I love that mug the way. The new ones from Starbucks are so pretty! By the way, this is much easier than I thought it would be!

  6. I was obsessed with the mug when I saw it…it was a "had to have" kind of moment. It is very easy…and delicious!

  7. Thanks Kerri! I am obsessed with that mug…it helps bring in some color to our dreary winter:)

  8. I have the Verismo, the Starbucks version and to be honest i wish i would have done more research before. The Nespresso or keurig would be my choice. I LOVE the verismo but I am limited to what I can do.

  9. I love the Nespresso!! I wish I had that over the Verismo.

  10. Oh yes, syrups are delicious! What's your favorite?

  11. I'm definitely going to start researching these. I have the Keurig but it's impossible to fully clean out and it really grosses me out. I'm hoping the Nespresso or the Verismo are different. Maybe i'll just get all three ha!