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If you don't already know, Instagram is my favorite type of social media. I love pictures and I think it's so much fun expressing yourself through pictures for others to see. With that being said, if you haven't seen my Instagram lately here is a little round-up for you!

I love my Kate Spade coffee table book…it is full of inspiration and places I want to go. #FridayInspo

If I could, I would wear my Noel t-shirt and sweater leggings all year round (don't worry I have). The combo makes me super excited for Christmas next year.

I am making an effort to read more books this year. I outlined a few books in this post that I have been so excited to read! I am going to start by saying this "Make It Happen" book written by Lara Casey is rough. I have to take it in sections because it follows so closely to my life write now I'm wondering if it wasn't secretly written just for me. If you need something to motivate, inspire, and help you get through tough times…this is the book for you!

Although I showed you how to make a super yummy latte the other day. Nothing, and I mean nothing will compare to the real deal such as this. Plus, the hearts on it make it that much yummier.

Seize the day my friends. And seize this adorable photo at your nearest Hobby Lobby. It's too cute not to hang up somewhere.

I have decided that I want to start adding travel on my blog. Yay! I am desperately trying to plan all sorts of trips this year and I cannot wait to take you with me. First stop isn't Paris but it's somewhere fun and I can't wait to take you along. While I anxiously wait for that trip to roll around I think I will continue to dream of Paris…it's too beautiful not to be recognized. 

While the east coast is getting hammered with snow I decided to take a mint vacation in my living room and drink some Sanpellegrino out of the cutest paper straw. #becauseican

The most repeated sweatshirt in my closet. And my fun Valentine nails. #retailtherapy

And a nail shot…because well my fingers will feeling fancy the oner day. 

Have a beautiful weekend my friends. I will be at work, dreaming of Paris, and having high hopes for this blog and my journey through life. 

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  1. That "retail therapy" sweatshirt though... I NEED ONE. Where did you get it?? Also I love the rings on your fingers in the last instagram - the rose gold color is gorgeous.


  2. I am so excited for your travel section! I have been trying to plan many little adventures this year too. Also, that sweatshirt! Swoon. Need it now.

  3. I can't wait to see your travel posts! I have a serious case of wanderlust so I live vicariously through other bloggers. haha! We are hoping to go on a vacation this year but haven't figured out where or how yet. lol! I love you "retail therapy" sweatshirt too. I would live in that shirt every single day. haha!