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To Paint Or Not To Paint?

8:09:00 AM

I'm going to be honest. I used to HATE painting my nails. It always took forever and they would start to chip the next day, so what was the point? I decided in late 2014 that I wanted to treat my nails as an accessory. We have them, so why not paint them?

Over the last month or so I have had an extreme case of nail ADD and people are probably wondering where in the heck do I find the time to change my nail color every week but I have found a routine that works for me and decided to stick with it. With the new year driving full speed ahead I am giving myself the challenge to keep up with my nails and keep them healthy. Below are some pictures of nails that I have done so far that I loved; and obviously you can't show off your nails without holding a cute mug so here you go:

Bikini So Teeny: A fun blue for winter!

My current fav (dries SUPER quick): Good As Gold

You can see some of my summertime favorites on Instagram .

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  1. These are some great looks! I LOVE painting my nails. I'm going to go for a bright colour and glitter tips for the weekend.

  2. Ok, thank goodness there's another blogger out there that hates it too! I see all the pics on Pinterest and stuff, and I'm like "How cute" but then I do it and it chips and then I'm annoyed lol

    I also wanted to stop and let you know that the High Five for Friday link up has a new home! We'd love to have you as a part of it, this week or any time in the future! Have a great weekend :)

    Caitlin @ Coffee with Caitlin

  3. I love painting my nails, too! All of your looks are great, as are your photos! Love this post!

  4. I almost never paint my nails but I wish I did, they just always chip and fall apart and then I get frustrated. I've tried gel and shellac a few times which last longer but then my nails become gross and unhealthy after. Basically I need to find a new job just to have better nails..

  5. Thanks Lindsay! It's always fun to try new colors:)

  6. Haha! I totally agree…I change mine all of the time because they chip so often. If I ever discover the secret to nail painting, i'll let you know.

  7. Oooo you should post the picture somewhere so I can see how they turned out! I am still trying to figure out the whole "nail tip" thing…it's taking awhile ha

  8. Pinterest is the Worst sometimes! They always get my hopes up and then I see how mine turned out and it's, "epic fail." I will definitely have to stop by!!