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Pre-Valentine Happenings

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From wearing pink and hearts to pretty things with bows on them…Valentine's Day pre-happenings are very exciting in my household. When I was little my mom always gave my sister and I the best Valentine gifts reminding us that she loves us more than boys, friends, and others. We would then make the cutest Valentine boxes for school and spend an hour in the Target valentine aisle picking out our Valentines.

I took a "test" yesterday that determined what kind of personality you have. Well, my answers concluded that I am a promoter and socializer and a "celebrator of all things." I love to celebrate, everything. Everything should be celebrated. Valentine's day isn't about having someone you love in your life take you on a fancy date but celebrating all the things or people YOU love.

Anyways, here are some of my PRE-Valentine's day happenings…just because I like to celebrate…and then promote it.

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