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The Perfect Gift: Treasure Box

10:57:00 AM

There have been a lot of birthdays lately and I have been at a total loss at what to get the birthday girl. From my sweet nanny girls to best girlfriends sometimes I think picking out one thing to give them is overrated and doesn't make them feel as special as they should on their birthday. I loved the idea of throwing a bunch of their favorite things in a super cute box and giving it to them….so that's exactly what I did! My mom did this for Christmas; she used Kate Spade nesting boxes and tossed in clothes, office supplies, makeup, candy, etc…it made opening my gifts that much more exciting.

Below is a gift that I made up for one of my nanny girls, I would substitute the markers, colored pencils, and nail polish with this, this, and this for a girlfriend!

**Box was found at T.J Maxx.

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  1. This is such a cute idea! I love how you can switch it up for anyone!

  2. This is such a great, simple, and unique idea! Love it!

  3. Such a cute idea! That box is gorgeous and it would work for anyone!