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What Kind Of Starbucks Drink Are You?

8:42:00 AM

Last night I was scrolling through Facebook and I found this quiz that a friend had posted. I immediately clicked on it and took the quiz. I was bummed the quiz wasn't from buzzfeed, because let's be honest, buzzfeed is way more credible. So, I decided to look for a similar one and guess what? Buzzfeed had one. Ergo, my post today.

Colder weather means Christmas and my birthday are coming and we all know I love those holidays.

We We, Parlez-vous français?

Sometimes I order nothing, then other times I order a cookie.

I, myself, do not sit down and actively watch sports on TV. Nor do I turn it to that channel. #notasportsperson

I would probably be the DD so no alcohol for muah.

Because some call me high maintenance. I like to think of it as, I know what I want in life.

Although I disagree with the fact that I was labeled a frappuccino, I do like how they described it. Ok, go take the quiz and tell me what you got!!! 

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  1. I got green tea! Just like you i'm not 100% ok with that but I did like the response
    You’re a breath of fresh air. You’re health-conscious but also chill as hell. Who wouldn’t want to be around you?
    I do order a lot of tea from Starbucks though.... haha

  2. Ha! That's a great response…at least it got the tea part right….:)