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Black And White

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You will rarely find me in black. I literally only have three black pieces in my closet, the rest…color! When I saw this blouse however, I instantly fell in love. I loved that it was long in the front and back and that the fabric was sheer…how fun! There is also something really fun about wearing a neutral outfit and making a statement with your accessories. In this case, it was with my shoes. Who doesn't love a good color pop (especially paired with black and white)? Oh, I have a secret to tell too…the dark color on my shoes is actually navy but in this case I figured I could pull it off because my top and shoes are separated by my pants…obviously.

On another note, let's talk about these pants quick. I love Khakis by Gap. They come in multiple colors and they are so comfortable. I rarely wear jeans anymore…you will find me in these, these, or these. I highly recommend you try a pair out…you won't be disappointed!
Blouse // Pants // Wedges, old (see fun options below) // Rebecca Minkoff "Avery" Crossbody ℅ Tampax

Ready for some shoe candy? I had way too much fun looking at all of these wedges and although a couple are a bit pricey…I wish I had every single pair in my closet!! #iwantthemall

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  1. love the top. and shoes great lov ya

  2. Very nice I wish at times I could wear white pants but I always end up getting the so dirty that I just don't bother any more