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Having A Whale Of A Time

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Isn't this whale scarf just adorable (go ahead, scroll down and look)? It reminds me of the Vineyard Vines whale and how I wish my style was more preppy so I could wear that cute whale. Anyways, this outfit is my go-to look in the springtime. I love dark denim…especially paired with white…and I love a pop of color. Capris, a flowy top, cute scarf, and espadrilles are four staples that you can never go wrong with. What's even better is that you can mix in your personal tastes with accessories, color, etc. to make these "staples" your own. 

I want to give you a little backstory about the title of this post. It was a gloomy day here in South Dakota. Once it was time to take photos…it started down-pouring. We waited it out and decided to go for it once it stopped raining (hoping it wouldn't start again). I must add, the wind was insane and it was freezing! The weather here is so bi-polar in the spring. Once minute it's warm with no wind the next we feel like a tornado is coming. Anyways, I thought the title was funny because not only does my scarf have whales on it, but whales live in water. And that is exactly how I felt (I just ate dinner), a whale in the water…having a whale of a time:).
Top // Scarf // Flying Monkey Rolled Capris // Espidrilles
Note: Top, Scarf, & Denim can all be purchased from Lot2029! Call and they will ship to you!

So tell me, what is your spring-staple outfit?!?

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