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Favorite Buys At Ikea

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Apartment living can be difficult, well it is for me at least. You can't paint the walls, or put screws in the walls, you can only fit so much in a small space, and storage is limited. I have tried so many places for different furniture options and until now, Ikea has been a place that hasn't let me down. I want good quality pieces that won't break the bank, but also look sophisticated and "adultish." You may have seen my inspiration board I created for the new place and there are actually a lot of Ikea things on there! Below I have linked some pieces from Ikea that I have, and that I love. They are good quality, durable pieces of furniture and home goods that didn't break the bank. (Can I get an Amen?!)

There is an apparent pattern forming…everything is white!! I had to laugh at myself because I love color, but I am getting all neutral pieces. I think I learned my lesson the last time…buy neutral pieces that you can keep for a long time and accessorize with color.

Do you have any decorating tips and tricks for me? Also, I am looking for more storage options…what do you use?!

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  1. I wish I had an Ikea closer to me because i'd shop there all the time. I do happen to have that rolling clothes rack though and it's pretty unstable. Or, maybe I have too many clothes on it. It holds up really well but it definitely leans to one side no matter how much I try to center it. Guess what's what you get for the price :/

  2. Oh my!! Thank you for telling me that!! I haven't ordered it yet and you helped me cross that off my list. It's a great price, but you are right…you get what you pay for!