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Healthy & Easy Summer Snack

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There is no doubt, I am a snacker. I would rather snack all day then eat meals. With that being said, I try to eat healthy snacks that way I don't gain 50 lbs. in one day. Well, the summertime is my favorite when it comes to good snacks because everything is fresh! There is nothing I love more than going to the farmer's market, picking up fresh produce at the grocery store, etc.

Currently, I am living in Des Moines, just me. It is soooo hard to cook for one person…so I choose not to most of the time and have a snack instead. Well, corn bean salsa is one of those snacks that is not only extremely healthy, but it's extremely good, and extremely easy to make. Most of you have probably made this before, or have eaten this before but I am sharing my concoction anyways.

You will need:
// 1 can black beans
// A bowl of corn (I prefer frozen over canned)
// Fresh cherry tomatoes
// Fresh Cilantro
// Half of Fresh Lime (for the juice)
// Your favorite chips…I prefer organic, yellow or white corn chips!

-Rinse your black beans.
-Chop your cilantro.
-Cut up the cherry tomatoes, I like mine in bigger pieces, but cut them according to your desires!

Add all of the ingredients, and squeeze in the juice from a half of a lime, stir, and enjoy!!! It's literally like a garden party in my mouth…I'm in heaven.

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  1. I am like you- I could snack all the time and would rather do that than eat a meal! Chips and salsa is a go-to for me... thanks for this awesome recipe!