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A Stylish Bag For The Working Gal {{Which One Should I Choose?}}

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I am that girl that goes to work with four bags. I have my lunch box, briefcase (ugly), purse, tote, and water bottle all in hand as I truck into work. By the time I get in there and get settled, I'm exhausted. I need one bag. One bag that fits my computer, binder, notes, training documents, wallet, cosmetic bag, sunglasses, glasses, snacks, and water bottle. That's a whole lot of stuff but I am seriously determined to find a place to put it all. I decided I want to find a bag that is more structured and holds its shape well, and it needs a lot of compartments. Below you will see all the options I have found, let me know which one is your favorite!

1 // Tory Burch "York" Tote: This is the front runner. Although it's a little spendy, I am willing to pay a good price for a good faulty bag that will get a lot of use. One of my favorite bloggers has this bag and she says her computer fits in it perfectly…it's a great carry-all bag. I love that it's structured and has a ton of pockets!

2 // Kate Spade "Medium Cedar Street Harmony" Tote: You all know my obsession for Kate Spade, well this bag is no different. The leather is more structured and although it's lacking compartments, I love the pale pink color.

3 // Kate Spade Esta Street Davney Laptop Bag: I like this bag solely for the purpose that my laptop would fit in there, and there is room to add more stuff! I am unsure if everything will fit but it is certainly cute for work!

4 // Kate Spade Renny Drive Laptop Case: This bag is too cute! Polka dots?! #loveit I know it would fit my computer but it doesn't look like it would fit much else…decisions, decisions.

5 // Michael Kors "Jet Set" Saffiano Leather Tote: This bag is nice because it is very spacious so I think I could fit a lot in there. I love the idea of black because it's simple and I can use it all year round. I am concerned that there are no pockets…and for no pockets, the price is really high.

6 // Michael Kors "Medium" Saffiano Leather Tote: This bag comes in tied with the first bag. There are an extensive amount of pockets and compartments, it is large and spacious, and the neutral color is great for all seasons! I feel better with this price tag because there is a lot more "bag" for my buck.

This purchase is definitely a splurge. I normally don't buy really expensive things like this, however, I think every gal should treat herself when she gets her first grown-up job. Am I right? 
Make sure to comment below on which one you think I should get!!

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  1. If I were you i'd go with #2 or #6, they look like they have the longest straps which would be much better for putting the bag on your shoulder. If you're going to be carrying a ton of stuff in there I wouldn't want a bag that has to sit in the crook of your elbow. Too heavy for me! haha

  2. I have #2 in black and absolutely LOVE it! My only recommendation is to get a separate laptop carrier because the straps are a bit thin for my heavy laptop. Plus it frees up more room to put other things! I can safely fit a large water bottle, small shaker bottle, collapsable umbrella, large wallet, small wallet, phone, keys, etc with a little room. However, I still have to carry my lunch separate!